As you have hopefully heard, Flex Fitness Studios is making the exciting transition to a 24/7 facility due to high demand, and the desire to provide a better service to our members.

You may have noticed some changes already around the gym including the installation of security cameras, duress buttons and sensor lights.

We are in the final stages of our transition, and are putting together the finishing touches to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.
As such, there are a few things that you need to know in regards to what it means for you as a current member.

Firstly, all current members will be required to complete and sign our new terms and conditions, along with a new direct debit form (if you are a direct debit customer). All members are also required to undertake an orientation in which you will be shown our emergency procedures and processes, regardless of how long you have been a member.

All current members will be given their 24/7 access key tag for free as a thank you for your support over the last 18 months.

We will begin the process of handing out access key tags on Monday 25th of February, and the gym will officially switch over to 24/7 on Friday 8th of March at 8pm (provided everything runs smoothly). Between February 25th and March 8th the gym will still only be accessible during our current staffed hours (5am – 10pm Mon-Fri, 7am – 6pm Sat and 8am-6pm Sun) as we test the new key tags and membership system. However, as of March 8th we will be in 24/7 mode with new staffed hours. This means if you have not collected your access key tag before then, your access hours will be restricted to our new staffed hours of:

Monday to Friday: 8am — 8pm
Saturday: 8am — 12pm

Group fitness classes will continue to run as normal, and will be continuing to run once we are 24/7.

We have important updates to our policies surrounding minors (under 18s) access to the gym, so if this is relevant to you, please keep an eye out for the new policies, and ask the staff member when picking up your key tag.

From 8am Monday morning (February 25th) you will be able to come in and undergo an orientation before picking up your Access Key Tag. This process may take up to half an hour, so please be patient with us and allow time for it to be completed.

We look forward to this next step in Flex Fitness Studios’ future — and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please direct any questions directly to: Samantha@flex-fitness.com.au

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